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Top Ten Presentations #sqlsat79


August 13, 2011 by Mike Hillwig

Today is SQL Saturday 79 in South Florida! I have two “Top Ten” presentations I’m giving.

Here are my bullet points. And the slide deck is attached below.

Mike’s Top Ten Rules for Managing a Production Environment: Best practices that will keep you sane

  • Developers don’t touch production. Ever.
  • Limit Access to SA and Service Account Passwords
  • Services run as a domain user
  • Plan for when things go bump in the night
  • Access is Controlled via Active Directory Groups
  • Triggers don’t send mail. Ever.
  • Database servers are that and that alone.
  • Look at things through the eyes of an auditor
  • Test Restores. Frequently.
  • Optimize for OLTP and not Reporting
  • Plus Bonus Rules…
Mike’s Top 10 OPERATIONAL Mistakes TO AVOID: Helping keep your Sanity Intact

  • Not Setting Min and Max Memory
  • Not Planning to Scale
  • Using your Server as a Workstation
  • Improper Use of Traces
  • Enabling Auto Shrink
  • Allowing Data Files to Grow in 1 MB Increments
  • Not Configuring SQLMail Alerts
  • Not using a Domain Account for SQL Services
  • Not Configuring SQLMail Alerts
  • Not Testing Restores
  • Not Allowing Instant File Initialization
  • Plus Bonus Rules!
And my slide decks…
Top Ten Rules for Managing SQL Server
Top 10 Operational Mistakes to Avoid