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Top Ten Presentations #sqlsat79 | Mike Hillwig
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Top Ten Presentations #sqlsat79


August 13, 2011 by Mike Hillwig

Today is SQL Saturday 79 in South Florida! I have two “Top Ten” presentations I’m giving.

Here are my bullet points. And the slide deck is attached below.

Mike’s Top Ten Rules for Managing a Production Environment: Best practices that will keep you sane

  • Developers don’t touch production. Ever.
  • Limit Access to SA and Service Account Passwords
  • Services run as a domain user
  • Plan for when things go bump in the night
  • Access is Controlled via Active Directory Groups
  • Triggers don’t send mail. Ever.
  • Database servers are that and that alone.
  • Look at things through the eyes of an auditor
  • Test Restores. Frequently.
  • Optimize for OLTP and not Reporting
  • Plus Bonus Rules…
Mike’s Top 10 OPERATIONAL Mistakes TO AVOID: Helping keep your Sanity Intact

  • Not Setting Min and Max Memory
  • Not Planning to Scale
  • Using your Server as a Workstation
  • Improper Use of Traces
  • Enabling Auto Shrink
  • Allowing Data Files to Grow in 1 MB Increments
  • Not Configuring SQLMail Alerts
  • Not using a Domain Account for SQL Services
  • Not Configuring SQLMail Alerts
  • Not Testing Restores
  • Not Allowing Instant File Initialization
  • Plus Bonus Rules!
And my slide decks…
Top Ten Rules for Managing SQL Server
Top 10 Operational Mistakes to Avoid
  • Hey, great presentation. Great pace. Great tone. Great impromptu mix of personal experiences and overall 5 stars!

  • Liu

    Great summary Brent. I must admit I don’t learn an awful lot at cneefreocns, I network a lot and get an overview of a lot of technologies. And companies have rules against certain places many companies i know wil simply not consider sending anyone to Vegas or Orlando or even on a cruise simply because they don’t think any learning’ goes on there (wrong on the last one but possibly true on Vegas and Orlando). So gloomy rainy Seattle in November might work just bcoz one gets paid to do it!!

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  • Ahah, je ne crois pas que cela soit très méchant. C’est vrai que la philatélie n’intéresse pas les jeunes en général. Cela ne veut pas dire qu’ils n’y viendront pas plus tard – Mathieu.

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  • Stellar work there everyone. I’ll keep on reading.