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Thank you @SFSSUG #sqlsat79


August 15, 2011 by Mike Hillwig

Saturday was SQL Saturday 79 South Florida held just outside of Fort Lauderdale. It was an absolutely incredible day.

When I submitted to speak at the event, I got brave and submitted three sessions, thinking they’d accept one or two of them. I really had no expectation of giving three presentations in one day. Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had three sessions on the schedule. My goal for attending was to work on my SQL Server and presentation skills. My two “Top Ten” sessions were a pretty big hit, but the MSDB session wasn’t quite as well received. Perhaps it was because I was nervous, or perhaps it was because it will still early in the day. It didn’t suck, but it wasn’t my best work.

For my two “top ten” sessions, I had great participants and they really kept me energized. This is definitely something that I want to keep polished and present again in the future.

I want to thank Scott and everyone in the South Florida SQL Server User’s Group for having me. It was a really well-run event.