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When things work


August 16, 2010 by Mike Hillwig

I’ve mentioned in the past that our facility had some serious drawbacks during power outages.

During our migration to our new facility and data center a few weeks ago, we lost power to the building. Again this morning, we lost building power. Let me tell you what happened.

  • Our servers didn’t even blink.
  • The UPS jumped in right away.
  • The backup generator kicked in right away.
  • Emergency lights in the data center stayed on.
  • The air conditioning stayed on.
  • We were able to get into the data center with our access badges.
  • Every network switch on each floor of the building ran on UPS power.

This sounds like one of those “well, duh!” moments, but I have to tell you, it was revolutionary for us.  Every one of these things was problematic in our old building.

It’s wonderful when things work the way they’re supposed to.