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Rookie Mistakes: Named Instance


November 10, 2009 by Mike Hillwig

I hate rookie mistakes. I hate them even more when I’m the one making them.

My coworker was installing Microsoft OCS Server, and he said that he needed a SQL instance, and he told me what the instance needed to be named. Since we already had a SQL server dedicated to this project, I created a named instance on said server.

In retrospect, I should have looked a little more closely instead of just assuming I needed to create a named instance. After I looked at the screen that asked for the SQL instance, I knew that we could use the default instance and not have to go down the named instance path.

OCS Instance

Fortunately, we’re still in the test phase with virtual servers and the servers we’re using will be replaced with physical machines. That means I’ll be able to go back and get it right the next time around.

That’s why we have test environments, right? I’d much rather make a rookie mistake in a test environment than in production.