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  1. Pivotal Moments


    May 8, 2017 by Mike Hillwig

    I mentioned that last summer, I spent a lot of time in Pittsburgh building out a new team. I’ve also …
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  2. Taking a Good Bet


    March 17, 2017 by Mike Hillwig

    As I was building my team in Pittsburgh, I went through a ton of resumes. It seems that we were …
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  3. Doing it Yourself


    March 16, 2017 by Mike Hillwig

    I trust my team, and I trust them a ton. Every once in a while, though, it’s a good idea …
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  4. From the Community


    March 13, 2017 by Mike Hillwig

    Over the course of my career, I’ve hired dozens of people. A good chunk of them have been part of …
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  5. My Foundational Five


    December 9, 2015 by Mike Hillwig

    A few months ago, Brian, my boss, and I were fortunate to attend a leadership workshop led by Adam Jorgensen …
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