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Going Elastic


February 20, 2018 by Mike Hillwig

I’ve been rather absent from the SQL Community lately. It’s kind of intentional.

About six months ago, my old boss came to me and asked if I wanted a new job. We were goijng to be shaking up our hosting organization, and she needed someone one her team to manage metrics, analytics, CMDB, master data, and big data.

We’re a hosting organization with nearly a thousands of client environments, hundreds of physical hosts, and tens of thousands of VMs. We generate tons of telemetry, and my job is to turn that into competitive advantage.

These days, the technology I’m working with is the Elastic Stack. It’s an open source platform for log collection and metric analytics.

The Elastic Stack is giving me a challenge. It’s a learning curve. Elasticsearch itself is a lot to know. We’re starting small with a five data node cluster. This doesn’t include the two coordinating nodes, one machine learning node, three KIbana web servers, and a small collective of Logstsh servers. I’ve been busy implementing this technology and learning to use it at the same time.

Next week, I’ll be in San Francisco for Elasic{ON}. I have so much to learn, and I’m excited to get moving.