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SQL Phone Home: Teaching Your SQL Servers to Call for Help


March 19, 2016 by Mike Hillwig

I’ve worked in quite a few shops that have differing views on SQL Server monitoring. A lot of this involves creating scripts and SQL Agent jobs that fire alerts. The problem is that these tend to become noisy. So I’ve come up with a “see something, say something” methodology.

If you’ve ever ridden the New York City subway, you’ve probably heard the “If you see something, say something” phrase. It’s what I’m modeling this after.

As I go through this presentation, I start with a premise and then build on it. I start with basic alerts and then go through looping through your data to build a more complex alert. Rather than than describe it in a blog, just play with my scripts and see what I do.

[slideshare id=59128837&doc=sqlphonehome-160305175129]

You can find the scripts here: sqlphonehome