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SQL Saturday Boston: Doing Great Good


February 23, 2015 by Mike Hillwig

When we organized SQL Saturday Boston 2014 Business Intelligence Edition, we found that we had purchased WAY too much food. On that day, we donated 100 lunches to Boston’s Pine Street Inn.  You know what? It felt great! We did something pretty awesome for the community.

That day, I made a decision. I knew that for SQL Saturday Boston 2015, I wanted to raise the bar. And I raised it high! We’re giving to Rosie’s Place, Boston’s Sanctuary for Poor and Homeless Women. They have an incredible mission, feeding poor women and helping them get back on their feet. So for this event, I raised the sponsorship fees by $100. And I committed that this extra $100 per sponsor would go toward buying something we could raffle. It’s written right into our sponsorship plan.

Rosie’s Place is pretty amazing. Not only do they serve meals, but they provide coats and clothing, as well as education. My former employer was one of their regular sponsors, and each department would take a day to help serve lunch for these amazing women. I think it’s a great way to help us give back to the community.

With ten sponsors already, I’m committing to raffle a $1000 Amazon gift card. Yes, one thousand dollars. If we get more sponsors, we’ll add more prizes. Would you like to help us raise money for Rosie’s Place while having the chance of winning a great prize? If so, head on over to our raffle page.

To keep your data secure, we’re using, which partners with to collect payments. I’ll never see your credit card information. If you’re really concerned about paying for raffle tickets online, we’ll be selling them on the day of the event for cash.

And putting my money where my mouth is, I bought the first $100 worth of tickets. Since our sponsors paid for the prize, every penny we raise in the raffle will go directly to Rosie’s Place.

So please, spend a few dollars to help us do some great good for our community. Go buy raffle tickets!

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