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SQL Saturday Professional Scavenger Hunt #sqlsat364


February 20, 2015 by Mike Hillwig

SQL Saturday is a great opportunity for learning more about the technology. But it’s also an incredible opportunity for networking. As I tell people in our opening statements, “If you walk into a room and sit next to someone you know, you’re doing it wrong.”

At our user group, I always start the evening with some type of speed networking event. This is often as simple getting people to stand up and greet the person on each side of them. Other times we’ll break into small groups and do some type of a quick challenge. In college, we referred to this as mandatory fun. I’m fond of saying “you’re next job may come from the person sitting right beside you.”

For SQL Saturday Boston this year, I’ve decided to take the networking up a level. We’re going to do a professional scavenger hunt. Instead of collecting things, we’re having our participants meet people.

The rules are simple. Go meet people. Get the names and email addresses of people who fit the criteria below.  You may not list the same person twice. The first ten people who complete the hunt and return this page to the registration desk on the second floor will be entered in a drawing for an HP Stream 7. You must be present at the end-of-day raffles to win. 

We then give our participants a list of different people to find. We have them look for MVPs, non-local speakers, people who work in diffferent environments, different technologies, and all kinds of goodies. I’ll post the list after SQL Saturday in April. We don’t want anybody cheating.

I recently bought a few of the HP Stream 7 tablets running Windows 8 on the Microsoft Store for a great price. They’ll be a great prize. And really, who wouldn’t love to have a new tablet?