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SQL Saturday Boston: The Speaker Room #sqlsat203


April 25, 2013 by Mike Hillwig


One of my favorite things about a SQL Saturday event is the speaker room. Sure, there is always some good gossip going on, but you also get to take part in some really good conversations. I’ve heard people talk about doing stuff with SQL Server that I never dreamed would even be possible. And the storytelling that goes on is always fun.

As someone who likes to speak at these events, one of my top priorities was to take care of our speakers. Sure, we had a dinner the night before, and we had a little gift for them in addition to the event shirts. But I wanted to let them know that I appreciated them. Speakers give up a good chunk of their weekend to volunteer at these events. Often times, they do it on their own dime. So I wanted a little treat. I called on the good folks at Sweet Cupcake Bakery in Boston. The cupcakes are both delicious and beautiful. As the day progressed, I spoke to our sponsors and told them that we had cupcakes in the speaker room. I don’t think we threw away any cupcakes.

Don’t be surprised if we do that again next year.