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Yankee Swap Number Generator | Mike Hillwig
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Yankee Swap Number Generator


December 17, 2012 by Mike Hillwig

Like many companies, we have a lunch around this time of year where we exchange gifts. In my office, we do what’s called a Yankee Swap. This always means drawing numbers from a hat.

Somehow, this has become problematic in my office and nobody wants to be responsible managing the numbers. As I’ve said to many an intern in the past, “I can replace you with a SQL script.” And that’s just what I did here. Β Now, this is hardly an example of good code. I’m breaking the golden rule by putting a clustered index on a GUID. And worse yet, I’m sorting on a substring of a GUID. But I will submit that it’s still more random than pulling numbers from a hat, which allows people to cheat.

CREATE TABLE #ys_users


INSERT #ys_users (PERSON) VALUES ('Tina')
INSERT #ys_users (PERSON) VALUES ('Chris')
INSERT #ys_users (PERSON) VALUES ('Jim')
INSERT #ys_users (PERSON) VALUES ('Mike')
INSERT #ys_users (PERSON) VALUES ('Cheryl')
INSERT #ys_users (PERSON) VALUES ('Tim')


DROP TABLE #ys_users

You can run this script over and over, and you will get a different result each time. Β The results will look something like this.

  • Brian K

    Or just sort by NEWID() and save the storage of six GUIDs.

  • I never said it was good. I said it was random. πŸ™‚

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  • Suse, das stimmt, meistens kommen mehr neue Liebschaften hinzu, als man sich alter entledigt.Christina, Honig-Salz-Nüsse kânnten mir auch munden…Isi, freut mich.

  • אנ×Âℒ לא Γƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€œΓƒβ€”Γ‚Β’ כמה מהכ×ÂΒͺΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ נכ×Â‒נה Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ΊΓƒβ€”Γ‚β„’ Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ΊΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΒͺΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β ×Âℒש Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΛœΓƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ להגז×Âℒם Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΒΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“ ככה אנ×Âℒ Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€”Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β©Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜ שלא צר×Âℒ×Âő לגש×Â‒×ÂΒͺ Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΛœΓƒβ€”Γ‚Β’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Βͺ צר×Âℒ×Âő Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€œΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β¨ אם Γƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€œΓƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β גל בקב מ×Â‒גן Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ΊΓƒβ€”Γ‚β„’ ה×Â‒א ק×Â‒רה Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ΊΓƒβ€”Γ‚Ε‘ א×Â‒ Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€ΊΓƒβ€”Γ‚Ε‘ Γƒβ€”Γ‚Βͺ׀ב×Âℒק×Â‒ לה×ÂΒͺכחש ה×Â‒ר×Âℒם .אל×Â‒ק×Âℒם × ×Â‒×ÂΒͺΓƒβ€”Γ‚ΕΈ ×Â‒ל×Â‒קח נראה לכם ב×ÂΒͺם Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΒΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β‘Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β¨Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€œ שהאח×ÂΒͺ ה×Â‒לכ×ÂΒͺ לגש×Â‒×ÂΒͺ ה׀לה ×Â‒השנ×Âℒ×Âℒה Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΛœΓƒβ€”Γ‚β„’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β€Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚β„’ ׀×Â‒ר×Âℒ×Â‒×ÂΒͺ זא×ÂΒͺ לא Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€”Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΛœΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€ שלנ×Â‒ ה×Â‒א Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β§Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€’Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β’ Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΒͺΓƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΕΎΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€œΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€’ Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“Γƒβ€”Γ‚Β§Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚Ε“ הכל Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚ΒΓƒβ€”Γ‚β€Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€˜Γƒβ€”Γ‚β€

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