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February 1, 2012 by Mike Hillwig

A couple of weeks ago, I presented at the SNESSUG and had an excellent time. They’re a great group and were a lot of fun. One of my slides was to “Beware of Advice from Random Blogs.”

I say this because there is just so much bad advice out there. Know your sources. Challenge the stuff you read. And more than anything, make sure you test the hell out of any script you download. Do you really want to run some script you found at Bernard’s Blog Land against your 12 TB production data warehouse and have it thrashing at your indexes? I certainly wouldn’t.

I work with a few people that I swear have read a few too many bad blog posts. Some of their suggested “best practices” are things that I’m constantly challenging. These are smart people. But I believe they’ve read some bad advice.

That said, I read a blog post from Kimberly Tripp today that made me giggle. It reaffirms something I’ve been saying for six months. And this one isn’t a random blog. So why do I take this one at face value? It comes from a reputable source, someone I’ve met, and this is someone whose advice has never failed me.

Read the slide above: If it comes from Paul or Kimberly, it’s true.