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Free Lunch – Without Lunch


March 3, 2010 by Mike Hillwig

The old adage is that there is no free lunch.  Every once in a while, a free event comes up that’s a great use of time at no cost. Today was one such example.

My friend Brent Ozar presented a virtual training class sponsored by Quest Software.  Today’s topic was “Performance Tuning & Troubleshooting with DMVs” and I found it pretty fantastic.

If you keep your eyes open, you can get some really great free training out there. They’re not always sit down training in a proper classroom. Sometimes they’re seminars or virtual events. My current boss seems to think that if it’s not led by an instructor in a classroom, it’s not worthwhile. I will say that I get more out of talking to and listening to other DBAs, learning from their experience.

Sure, these events are usually paid for by a sponsor, and you have to listen to the sales pitch. It’s well worth it. My only complaint is that Quest didn’t provide lunch today. They should have provided the bacon. Since I was sitting in my own office, I guess I can handle buying my own lunch.